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Disinfecting Service

With the threat of COVID-19, workplaces will be needing to add a disinfecting element to their cleaning services to minimize exposure. Aside from regular disinfecting process we are all offering the advance solution of electrostatic sprayers and mist foggers.

Day Porter Service

Many facilities have a need for day porter and night porter services in Los Angeles. ER Janitorial Services has highly trained professional porters to service your facility around the clock.

Commercial Office Cleaning

We have years of experience in designing, implementing, and executing effective cleaning strategies for all types of commercial offices throughout Los Angeles. We work very closely with our office cleaning clients to ensure exceptional cleaning service.

Facility Solutions

Our ability to provide janitorial and office support services allows us to create custom facility solutions for our clients. From having a combination of day porter and mailroom attendant service to other facility solution plans.

Event Services

With our experience and professional staff, we are able to perform a full range of event cleaning services from pre-event to post-event cleaning for all types of events both big and small. We have serviced large festivals to small events.

Floor Care

We offer a wide range of floor cleaning services from pressure washing, floor scrubbing, and floor polishing. We are also able to perform floor stripping and waxing on a selection of floors.

Carpet Cleaning

As one of the premier professional carpet cleaning services in Los Angeles, we are able to do large carpet areas and upholstery cleaning Our technicians are trained to inspect, clean, and restore carpets using our specialized equipment.

Building Services

We offer a selection of building services that benefit our apartment complex and office spaces clients from cleaning service to essential building maintenance support. We can have your facility looking great from the interior and exterior along with assisting in maintenance tasks.

Furniture Assembly & Office Moving Services

Our core office support services are furniture assembly service, our team is able to help the office manager with the assembly from all types of furniture from shelves to chairs. We also help set up these items around the office.

Office Supply & Snacks: Replenishment Service

With our supply restocking service, we take control of all well stock essential office supplies and manage that for our clients. With our proper inventory management, we make sure our clients never run out of office essential supplies from restroom supplies to drinks and snacks.


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Dependable & Independent

One of the benefits of choosing ER Janitorial Services for all your cleaning needs in Los Angeles is that we are a dependable company, we have been servicing the Los Angeles area for more than 30 years. In addition, we are an independent company, so there are no barriers in communication to ensure clients receive the best service possible.

Inspired & Constantly Improving

Providing cleaning and support services throughout the Los Angeles area we have always been inspired by the work that our clients do, we are their biggest fans which is why we are always seeking ways to constantly improve our services. Our account and service managers continuously work hand in hand with our crews in using the latest technology and cleaning methods.

We Simply Care

One of the points that make ER Janitorial Services different from other service providers is that we simply care about our customers from the start to finish in each service. Our team is constantly looking for ways to add value to our services. Without our customers, our business would be non-existent so we care and serve our clients to the best of our abilities. This is what has allowed us the privilege to serve the Los Angeles area for more than 30 years.

ER Janitorial Services, Inc. is dedicated in providing effective cleaning services for all types of facilities: offices, apartment complexes, retail stores and buildings.

We can help you meet the evolving challenges that are being faced with COVID-19 pandemic. We our dedicated in bringing commercial cleaning solutions to our clients. Let us provide our range of cleaning services to your facility starting today.

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