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Importance of Event Cleaning Service

Here at ER Janitorial Services we know that events take place for various occasions like: a wedding. corporate event, award gala, a concert or small private event. Regardless of the event size or type we recognize the importance and need for event cleaning service Los Angeles from before the event, during the event and post event.

ER Janitorial Services – Event Cleaning Los Angeles

Our cleaning crews along with service supervisors ensure that the event location or venue is in the same condition or even better than when the event took place. Right after an event is over you can easily make a list of things that need to be cleaned after an event from: sweeping up the floors, collecting trash, cleaning restrooms, mopping the floors  and resetting the space just to start off.

Our event cleaning crews here in Los Angeles can carry out the following duties to assist you during your event:

Pre-Event Cleaning

  • Clean up designated event spaces to be ready for the start of the event
  • Ensure all setup trash and materials are removed
  • Ensure al restrooms are cleaned and stocked up
  • Sweep up any trash that may be on the floor

During Event Cleaning

  • Clean around designated areas of the house to ensure all trash is collected
  • Sweep up and/or pick up trash from floor to ensure all areas are clean
  • Throw away all trash into designated area to be hauled off by our truck
  • Wipe down tables and other furniture as needed to remove dust or dirt
  • Clean restrooms on each visit – sanitize toilet sink and polish all areas of the restroom
  • Sweep and pick-up trash after the event is over
  • Ensure after event is over and all areas of the park are clean

Post Event Cleaning

  • Organize chairs and tables
  • Clean chairs and tables
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Deep Clean restrooms
  • Detail clean kitchen

The duties above are just some of the cleaning steps we take in order to wrap up your event without you worrying about cleaning or organizing tables or chairs. Our goal is for you to keep the joy from the event and leave the cleaning and wrapping of the event to ER Janitorial Services.

If you are need for event cleaning services in Los Angeles, please contact us today. – Click here.