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ER Janitorial Services – Carpet Cleaning Services Los Angeles

Simply vacuuming the carpet areas will not restore the carpet to its natural tones due to carpet spots and stains that have gone untreated. Carpets go through tremendous stress and abuse throughout the year from the daily traffic, workplace events and special occasions like the holidays. Each one of these factors leave the carpet dirty, constantly hit by outdoor debris, stains from spills and even have pine needles from the Christmas tree within carpet fibers that cannot be vacuumed.  Which is why ER Janitorial Services suggest to treat your workplace carpet with some TLC – Tender Loving Cleaning, this will help prolong the beauty and life of your carpet.

This is where we offer our carpet cleaning solutions to our clients here in the Los Angeles Area, our carpet treatment varies depending on conditions and type of carpet. Clients can elect between a deep extraction cleaning and spin bonnet carpet cleaning. Installing new carpet or flooring is quite expensive so giving your carpet the proper maintenance the carpet will look good and last several years. We offer great discounts for clients who decide to use our yearly plan carpet maintenance that includes periodic carpet cleaning maintenance. We advice that not all carpets are the same, some may need one of our different quality treatments to maintain your carpet clean bright, if you have any questions please contact us.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service range from:

  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Light carpet cleaning
  • Steam carpet cleaning
  • Carpet spot removal
  • Spin Bonnet carpet treatment
  • Dupont Teflon Carpet Protector Application Service

Carpet Steam Cleaning Service:

One of the carpet cleaning treatments that we are able to provide to our clients here in Los Angeles is carpet steam cleaning service using the heavy duty equipment that our team is specialized to use.  This method is effect for stained and heavily soiled carpets, within this method the carpet is pre-treated with detergent solutions, then we use very hot rinse water under high pressure to work into the fibers of the carpet and then extract all remaining water in the carpet.

We recommend this service to our clients to be performed every 3 to 4 months to maintain the carpet clean and bright.

Spin Bonnet

Spin Bonnet cleaning is an interim maintenance method for carpet care. This system is designed for the 20% of your carpet that gets 80% of the traffic and dirt. If they can be blended to look like the rest of the area, a longer period of time can elapse before a deep cleaning is required. Bonnet cleaning does not DEEP CLEAN your carpet. It only surface cleans and removes stains. However, appearance levels can be brought up quickly and the carpet can be back in service quickly.

Carpet Deep Cleaning

For deeper soil or for set-in stains, or if your carpet hasn’t had an extraction cleaning in the last 12–18 months, its time for for a deep extract carpet cleaning service. Spills and Traffic Dirt are all arch-enemies of your carpets. Rule one, of course, is to clean up a stain immediately. If your carpet absorbs too much of it, it will become more difficult to get out. But even if you are extra vigilant, over time these little stains start to add up and your carpets might begin to look dingy and worn out. No matter how much your scrub, blot or vacuum, you might never get out that last bit of stain. But there is a solution: Just as you shampoo your hair, shampooing or deep steam carpet cleaning your carpet will give it a tidy look and a fresh smell. Contact us to receive a Free Competitive quote on our Deep carpet cleaning service.

Dupont Teflon Carpet Protector Application Service

E R Janitorial Services offers Dupont Teflon carpet protector after every Deep Carpet Cleaning Service. Dupont Teflon Carpet Protector repels dirt and stains from your carpet. It’s always a pleasure to see how bright and clean your carpets look right after they’ve been professionally cleaned. Now you can keep them looking fresh and new longer saving you money on having to install new carpet with our Teflon application service. It repels most liquids, allowing spills to be removed before staining and wicking can occur. Dirt and stains cling to untreated carpet and quickly become embedded in the fibers. Applying Teflon keeps dirt from sticking to the fibers, making carpets easier to care for. By resisting dry soil, less soil bonds to the carpet, therefore being picked up by your vacuum or cleaning. Making sure that you have a sufficient amount of protector on your carpet will help keep the soil from bonding to the carpet. Once it bonds to the carpet, it acts like sandpaper on your traffic area. Once the traffic area yarns are broken down, there is no way to bring them back to their original state. Contact us today to see how we can help protect your carpeted floors.

Spot Removal Treatment

Spot removal is recommended when there are stains on the carpet caused by liquids such as; coffee, sodas, and other type of liquids that may stain carpet. This stains are treated by our carpet specialist with carpet solutions.