Office Supply & Snacks: Replenishment Service

ER Janitorial Services, offers our clients the solution of stocking the following items: office supplies, snack and restroom essentials. With this essential office support services here in Los Angeles  we can takes the hassle of stocking supplies off your shoulders. Our Auto-Supply Replenishment service monitors your supply levels remotely. When we see that you’re running low, we send supplies to you on the weekly or monthly basis. If you pair this with any of our core services our crew members will handle stocking the items that arrive.

You need to know that you will have supplies when you need them. But at the same time, your business has more important things to do than obsess over your supply closet. With ER Janitorial Service -Supply Replenishment, we handle your stock so you can stay on point.

Competitive Pricing – We leverage our relationship with our sister supply company for commercial cleaning products and supplies to offer you the best possible prices.

Flat-Line Monthly Supply Cost – We can divide your total annual cost into 12 equal payments so you pay the same amount each month to simplify budgeting and accounting.

Consolidate Supplies Orders – Our service extends beyond ordering commercial cleaning supplies. We can also order office and break room items from snacks and soft drinks to restroom essential supplies.