Office Cleaning

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Office Cleaning Service – Los Angeles

At ER Janitorial Services we understand the importance of office cleaning services. We know that a clean workplace creates a safe and productive work environment for workers. Which is why we offer the full-service office cleaning service that all types of workplaces seek. 

Whether you need our cleaning service during the day or workplace after hours, you can count on ER Janitorial Services for your commercial office cleaning needs. We are a flexible company that works with our clients schedules. The frequency of janitorial cleaning services is also entirely a matter of convenience, you can request a cleaning frequency of one time per week to five times per week. 

Our commercial cleaning services encompass all standard cleaning tasks from: trash pick up, floor mopping, vacuuming, interior window washing and bathroom maintenance – additional tasks will be added based on our customers needs.

The pricing for our commercial cleaning service depends on the amount of cleaning based on the size of area that needs service on the recurring basis and the frequency per week or month. As a fully licensed, bonded and insured Los Angeles based commercial office cleaning our aim is to ensure your business is protected at all times while our teams service your office space. 

Case Studies of Benefits of Office Cleaning Services

According to Professor Charles Gerba from the University of Arizona in Tuscon,

“We work at our desks, eat at our desks and have colleagues visit us at our desks, which may explain why the average desk boasts 800 bacteria per square inch — nearly 14 times more than the office toilet seat.”

The main reason for this is that many people eat at their desk and for the most part do not disinfect at all. According to a national survey, only slightly a third of respondents cleaned their work areas every week. One of the most important things workers can do to stay healthy is to clean and disinfect their desk properly, computer keyboard and mouse at least once a week. The ultimate solution would be to hire a professional commercial cleaning company and that is where ER Janitorial Services comes in, we aim to service your workplace to avoid having desks that are filled with bacteria.


Some of the Tasks Included in a Regular Office Cleaning Service

  • Empty Trash
  • Workstation and Furniture Dusting, Disinfecting and Polishing
  • Restroom Sanitizing, Deodorizing, and Disinfecting
  • Kitchen & Break-room Cleaning
  • Refill Restroom & Kitchen Supplies
  • Vacuum all carpet areas
  • Sweep and mop all hard floors
  • Spot clean glass doors and windows

Additional tasks can be added by customers requests and needs.